Area Design’s services include preliminary design, 3D rendering, sample board, the estimated project cost, executive plans, work planning, project management, including the production and supply of furniture items (custom or production), laying and installation on site, quality control and work certification.

Area Design can offer customized interior solutions for residential projects and for commercial spaces, from high end to limited budget projects, according to our client’s needs.

The attention given to the identification of project requirements and the search for active cooperation between customers, consultants, suppliers and end users, enable us to develop rare and exclusive tailor-made solutions, which can guarantee the best results in terms of quality of architectural space, economic value of real estate and customer satisfaction.

Project feasibility studies

Cost estimation and pricing of construction works

Project design, project production, project management and site management

Project scheduling

Bespoke carpentry and tailor-made furniture

Control of quality at every stage of production

On site installations carried out by our in-house team

After-sales services, support and maintenance

We offer general contractor services in the construction of luxury hotels, high-end boutiques, executive offices, spa & wellness, exclusive residences and yachts, through the production of tailored furnishings characterized by the special attention to detail, typical of a workshop, and the production capacity of a leading large-scale company.
Precision, on-time delivery, and the efficient use of materials are a matter of course with Area Design. Our in-house production departments for carpentry, timber, and metal construction offer the advantage to develop special solutions and ensure the quality-conscious implementation of unique projects.